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English Translation 

Page 1: 

Good morning, Yerevan

Good morning, children?

How are you today?

Page 2:

Hello Lover’s Park

Hello waterfalls and trees

Page 3: 

Hello Mother Armenia, our city’s protector

Hello Victory Park

Do you like to go round-and-round on the ferris wheel?

Page 4:

Hello Armenian fruits

We are thankful for the sweet pomegranates and apricots

Would you like some lavash bread?

Page 5: 

Do you like drinking the refreshing water from the fountain?

Page 6: 

Hello Yerevan’s metro and buses

Hello travelers

Page 7:

Poof poof poof

Hello Yerevan’s Children’s Railway

We love traveling by train

Page 8: 

It’s fun to ice skate on Swan Lake in the winter and watch the swans there in the summer

Page 9:

Hello Tumanyan Theater where we listen to stories and watch puppets

Page 10: 

Hello Opera. Hello musicians and dancers

We love your songs and dances

Page 11: 

Hello art and history museums

Hello Madenataran and beautiful, old manuscripts

Hello Mesrob Mashdots, our alphabet’s founder

Page 12: 

Hello Yerevan’s lively restaurants

Hello sun

Yerevan’s summers are so enjoyable

Page 13:

Hello talented artists

Hello Vernissage and customers

What will you buy today?

Page 14: 

Hello Republic Square’s colorful, singing fountains

Page 15: 

Go Armenia!

We excitedly root for our football team

Page 16:

Hello Alexander Tamanian, our capital city’s architect

Hello Cascade steps

Page 17:

Hello Ararat, majestic and glorious mountain,

An astonishing natural scene

Page 18: 

This is the eternal flame in memory of our forefathers

It is very important to go to Dzidzernagapert and remember our history

Page 19: 

Hello Sasuntsi Tavit, our Armenian hero

Page 20: 

Hello students and creative thinkers

Hello chess experts

Page 21: 

Hello Armenian people,

Hard-working, persevering, and creators of a just/righteous country

Page 22: 

You are our country’s future,

Energetic and educated/forward-looking/progressive

What will you imagine and create?

Page 23: 

Cheers to you, Yerevan families

We are thankful for your warm hospitality

Page 24:

We love you so much, Yerevan

We are happy that you are here and that you always will be/ you will stay