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About the Book

Parev, Yerevan is an entertaining and educational board book written in Western Armenian. A unique feature of of Parev, Yerevan is that not only is it a board book written in Armenian, but it is about Armenia itself. It is light-hearted and whimsical, and exposes children to the spirit of modern-day Yerevan. This book celebrates Yerevan in a way that young children can easily relate to and enjoy with the adults who read to them. Parev, Yerevan takes the reader through well-known sites in Yerevan and showcases Armenian culture and history in a simple and captivating manner. It is an ideal engagement tool for children to foster and create a positive connection with Armenia at a young age.

Why Books are Important

Even before children learn to speak, they are absorbing everything they hear. Reading to children at a young age helps them to speak, cultivate their imagination, build their language comprehension, and read early themselves. Exposure to Armenian books at a young age sets the foundation for understanding and speaking Armenian. However, this can only happen if we have the books available.

Why Board Books?                                  

Board books are durable. Durability means that kids can touch, feel, and interact with a book without tearing the pages. They also have rounded corners and are safe for children to handle. Additionally, board books should be engaging, age-appropriate, educational, and full of vibrant illustrations. Because there are no similar published books like this in Armenian, young Armenian children will be exposed to the Armenian language and culture through this book.